Current Skin Care Case Study

Web application development for the health and beauty industry.

About Current Skin Care

West Vancouver’s Current Skin Care takes guests on a journey of relaxation and beauty. Launched in 2015, the business offers facials, manicures, pedicures, massages and more. They also carry retail products from top beauty brands like Luzern, Pro-Derm, and Dermalogica.

Current Skin Care owner Arezou Bahador was looking for a system to help ensure smooth operations and exceptional client service. She had heard about our company from a friend and fellow business owner and turned to us for help. She met with our lead applications specialist to discuss a possible software solution, and after bouncing some ideas around, we determined that a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution would achieve her goals.

The requirements of the new application were as follows:

Schedule Management

Current Skin Care employees required a schedule that offered conflict checking, calendar filtering by employee, colour coded timeslots based on service, daily/weekly/monthly calendar viewing options and functionality to make adding, editing, cancelling and removing appointments easy. Staff members also wanted the option to set up email notifications for upcoming appointments.

Schedule Management Application Development
Client Management Application Development

Client Management

Client information needed to be easily accessible using the web-based application. Staff members needed to be able to simply add, edit and remove client profiles and add notes that would allow staff members to remember important details so they could provide an elevated client experience. They also wanted the ability to send emails to clients through the application and export client information to an Excel spread sheet. In addition, the application needed to accept client birthday information and send a birthday notification to the main dashboard.

Employee Management

Employees required the ability to specify their work hours and recurring break times and allow reception to comfortably schedule appointments without booking on a staff member’s day off.

Employee Management Application Development
Product and Service Management Application Development

Product and Service Management

The Current Skin Care team needed functionality that would allow them to view, add, edit and remove services and products using the new CRM system. Fields were required for name, description, cost, service length, colour code and the employee delivering the service. This would allow staff to manage inventory and easily access product details through the application interface.

Transaction Management

For managing transactions, Current Skin Care needed the application to list all sales, including information about the products, transaction notes, payment methods, cashier name, client name, date of the transaction and refunds. They also wanted reporting capabilities to showcase monthly sales by employee.

Transaction Management Application Development
Remarkable Results Application Development

Remarkable Results

The list of required features was long and the timeline was daunting, but our team was ecstatic at the prospect of developing a unique piece of software that would help our client boost the staff and client experience at Current Skin Care.

We began working on the application shortly after our meeting with Arezou. Developed over the course of eight weeks, the shiny new Current Skin Care application met all of their requirements and transformed their vision into reality.

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