3 Questions Critical to the Success of your Company’s Website

Standing at 743 pixels tall, playing a pivotal role in the growth of your business, is your company website!

Today, we look at websites as something every business should have. Too rarely, however, do we question why every business should have a website.

Asking why will help you:

- Build a proper vision and plan and,

- Better forecast the work and costs involved.

At BlueberryCloud, we find asking why every business should have a website is overwhelming to some so we like to break the question down in to smaller pieces.

Who is my ideal customer (IC)?

First and foremost, know your ideal customer (IC). This helps create a website tailored specifically to targeted audiences, increasing your chance of attracting new customers and reducing the number of tire kickers.

Determine your IC through industry-specific market research or metrics demonstrating popular customer demographics based on historical sales transactions.

Choose your IC diligently – it should serve as the foundation for all future decisions made regarding your website.

How will my IC hear about my website?

Your answer here will help determine how your website will fit in to your overall marketing strategy. Your website should serve as the staple in any outgoing marketing or sales communication with prospective customers.

Our team employs online (eg, SEO) and physical (eg, door-to-door sales) communication channels to help us continuously inform our fellow Vancouverites of the BlueberryCloud brand, and our website is wrapped in to every one of those conversations.

What will my IC gain by visiting my website?

Offering something of value to your IC through your website will keep them engaged with your website and brand. Keep audiences engaged with promotional material, discounts, industry best practices, freebies etc.

Knowing the value that your website provides will help you better influence potential IC’s to visit your website as part of your marketing communication.


Your website is capable of playing a pivotal role in your company’s marketing strategy and attracting new customers – do it right! Know your IC, learn about your IC’s searching habits and devise a value proposition for getting IC’s to visit and stay on your website.