Entrepreneurial Warriors Unite: How do you make your business decisions?

The stakes are high for us entrepreneurs.

We’re warriors on a journey, constantly looking at an infinite combination of paths and challenged to choose the right ones.

How you make your decisions can find you success or detriment.

I’d like to share my formula for making business decisions and get your thoughts:

How I make my business decisions

The first 50% of my decision making process is guided by my core values and principles.

So, for me, that means:

First, I only choose paths that promise to benefit my company. Here are the only two benefits that I will consider:

1) Money to further fuel my company’s growth.

2) Increased brand power.

Everything else is off the table, always.

Next: Destroy complexity at all costs. Simplicity is true a core value for me. If faced with a highly beneficial path with high complexity, I will plan for and tweak the path to meet my simplistic needs.

We’re looking pretty good at this point!! I now have a decision and plan that guarantees to benefit my company and, to top it off, it’s simple!!

Operations = covered. So what’s next?

Finally, hugely important to my execution:

Outsider perception.

How do I guarantee positive perception?

I start by characterizing my brand. And then, I ask questions.

If my brand was a person, how would his presence make others feel? Let’s make sure our execution makes people feel that way.

Your decision making process??

This is how I make my business decisions. How do you make yours? Send me your process through the Contact page and I’ll post it here your fellow entrepreneurial warriors to learn from!!